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Our COVID-19 questionnaire is now open to participants.  

We invite you to fill out the questionnaire by following directions in the email invitation you may have received, or will shortly receive.

In this questionnaire, we want to understand how the pandemic has affected your lifestyle and wellbeing. Additionally, we would like to know whether you were tested for COVID-19, what symptoms you may have experienced, and what kind of support network you have around you.

The information you provide in this questionnaire can help researchers to determine immediate long term impacts on health as a result of COVID-19 in Alberta.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to frequently asked questions on the questionnaire here.


We want to remind you that your personal information will remain confidential. Researchers will not be able to link your answers back to you. Your responses will only be shared with approved researchers for research that has been approved by Alberta’s Tomorrow Project.

Resources for you

The COVID-19 questionnaire contains content about the active COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on your overall well-being. Should any of the content cause you any concern or if you are looking for more information on COVID-19, you may find the following resources to be useful.

Contact Us

If any of your personal contact information has changed, or you have any questions for us about this questionnaire, please email us at tomorrow@ahs.ca.

The COVID-19 questionnaire is being administered by the regional studies, including Alberta’s Tomorrow Project, that make up the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health (CanPath).

As always, we thank you for your continuing support of Alberta’s Tomorrow Project.