Participant Advisory Committee


Our Participant Advisory Committee (PAC) is a valued and integral group of 30 participants from our ATP cohort that advises, guides and informs our decision-making process and activities. The PAC members represent the ATP cohort in demographics such as sex, geographic location, and age, and were selected with the goal of having voices from varying professional backgrounds and diverse viewpoints.

Since the inception of the committee in March 2020, the PAC has provided invaluable guidance and feedback to identify challenges and develop new solutions to elevate our participants’ experience.


ATP’s PAC aims to create an opportunity for co-learning and co-planning between participants and staff. ATP looks to exchange knowledge with participants, and to move forward with a shared vision of improving the health of Canadians through our work.

The PAC aims to:

  • Improve the participant experience in all ATP activities
  • Strengthen engagements between participants and ATP
  • Tackle logistical and strategic challenges that ATP faces
  • Increase the relevance of ATP’s research
  • Incorporate diverse perspectives and feedback on ATP led projects

What has the PAC been involved in so far?

The PAC has provided guidance on our most recent projects, including our COVID-19 survey, as well as our upcoming COVID-19 Antibody Testing Study by advising on:

  • Surveys
  • Research direction
  • Communications
  • Logistics
  • User experience


PAC Members

  • Sandyne B.: Co-Chair
  • Ron G.: Co-Chair
  • America S.
  • Anita T.
  • Carleen B.
  • Carolyn K.
  • Daniel S.
  • Deborah C.
  • Douglas W.
  • Dwight T.
  • Gloria H.
  • Hana N.
  • Janice K.
  • Janice T.
  • Jennifer W.
  • Kate S.
  • Kevin S.
  • Linda K.
  • Martha W.
  • Michael P.
  • Mihaela V.
  • Noreen O.
  • Pamela F.
  • Sandy H.
  • Sherri B.
  • Tom A.