Listen now: ATP episode of Genetics Podcast

Alberta’s Tomorrow Project was invited to be a guest on Episode 51 of The Genetics Podcast hosted by Dr. Patrick Short, CEO of Sano Genetics.

The podcast “explores all things genetics”, particularly highlighting aspects of genetics science and research. Previous guests have included leaders from other longitudinal cohort studies like ATP, such as Sir Rory Collins from the UK Biobank, and research platforms, such as Caroline Cake, CEO of Health Data Research UK.

Tune in to hear our Scientific Director, Dr. Jennifer Vena, as she and Patrick discuss:

  • ATP’s goals and interesting findings to date
  • Genomics data at ATP, and more broadly at CanPath
  • Precision medicine and its role in Canada’s health research
  • Opportunities for expanded research through administrative data linkage
  • The challenges of running a long-term research program like ATP
  • Participant engagement