Happy New Year from Alberta’s Tomorrow Project (ATP)!

We would like to thank participants for their years of participation and contributions to ATP. Their dedication over the last 20+ years has enabled the establishment of ATP as one of the largest and most valuable research platforms for supporting the future health of our province and to contribute to cancer and chronic disease research in Canada and around the world.

We are excited to announce that we are launching our next health and lifestyle follow-up survey (Survey 2023) in the coming weeks. This survey will focus on many areas of interest for researching cancer and chronic disease such as socio-economic changes, mental health, cancer screening, personal heath history and occupation. As we continue to experience impacts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ATP would like to learn more about how such impacts have affected the health and lifestyle of Albertans. Responses to these questions will ensure that the ATP database continues to grow making it the best source of information to support future research.

Participants will receive an invitation to complete this survey to the email address on their participant file. If this is not the correct or preferred email address for us to use, we ask that they update their records by emailing us at tomorrow@ahs.ca or calling us at 1-877-919-9292.

Thank you again for the participation in ATP and for helping us enrich the value of our research platform, together we are inspiring research for a healthier tomorrow.

We wish you a happy and healthy 2023!

“Why is it important to remain a part of Alberta’s Tomorrow Project (ATP)? Because researchers are counting on us! Numerous projects depend on accessing some portion of the data ATP collects from you and I. Completing Survey 2023 is an easy choice to make – it is my direct connection to ATP’s mission of supporting analysis and investigation into ongoing health and disease prevention.”

Sandyne beach-mccutcheon, ATP Participant Advisory Committee