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Alberta’s Tomorrow Project Participant Email


Alberta’s Tomorrow Project eSurvey is on the way!

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Survey 2017 is on the way

This year marks another milestone for Alberta’s Tomorrow Project (ATP), with the launch of our next participant survey. Your ongoing involvement is crucial to ensure that ATP’s huge database continues to grow, becoming even more valuable for cancer and chronic disease research.

We’ll be sending invitations and instructions for Survey 2017 in the weeks ahead, and for the first time we’re offering the option of completing the detailed survey online.

Be sure to add our email address tomorrow@albertahealthservices.ca to your list of contacts!

If this is the best email address for you, great; there’s nothing more for you to do. If you’d prefer we use a different one, just reply back to this message and we’ll make sure to update our system. Please note that we need a unique email address for each participant, so if your partner is also part of ATP, they must register with a separate email.

We’re excited to receive your Survey 2017!

For more information:

Visit our website!

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this valuable project. Have a great day!